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top flat fee broker

At Mountain View Realty, Albuquerque’s top flat fee Realtor our focus is to help you sell your Albuquerque, New Mexico area house faster, for more money, with way less in commissions… and if you are looking to buy a new house, why not let us show you how to get paid to do it.  Learn how we can help… SELL YOUR HOUSE BUY YOUR NEXT HOME…

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4 Things You Can Do To Reach Your 2020 Real Estate Goals In Albuquerque

Real Estate

It’s that time of year again. It’s that time when we make all those resolutions and have all those good intentions to better ourselves during the new year that now stretches out before us. So besides resolving to lose weight, get in shape, and quit eating so many doughnuts, how about doing something about those…

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Moving Hacks For Buyers and Sellers

Moving Hacks For Buyers and Sellers In Albuquerque

Moving can be exciting – the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your life. But it is usually also one of the most dreaded tasks we face in our lives. But moving doesn’t have to be as hateful and onerous as it usually is for most people. There are ways to reduce the anxiety and…

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What You Can Expect From The Albuquerque Real Estate Market in 2020

Real Estate Market in 2020

The current healthy economy portends a strong real estate market throughout 2020. A strong job market, with unemployment at a near 50-year low and relatively low-interest rates should keep real estate going, but there will remain, it seems, a shortage of inventory. Industry watchers say that the market is looking better than it did a…

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5 Reasons Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Buy An Investment Property

5 Reasons Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Buy An Investment Property

Ready to buy an investment property in Albuquerque? Now is a great time to cash in on the best deals out there. In this post, we offer 5 reasons why right now is the time to buy an investment property in Albuquerque!  Buying an investment property in Albuquerque is one of the best decisions you…

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6 Signs of A Great Investment Property In Albuquerque

Investment Property

Have you been thinking about buying investment real estate in Albuquerque? There has never been a better time! In our latest post, we will offer some tips so you can determine if a property will be a good investment to add to your portfolio!  Real estate investment is one of the best ways to build…

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5 Reasons Why Now Is A Great Time To Sell A House

Sell A House

Is now a good time to sell your house? All the signs seem to say yes, and most of the real estate gurus agree. Conditions are favorable for selling right now, but all that could easily change by next year. A couple of the most important indicators that now may be the time to sell…

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5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Buy Real Estate In Albuquerque

Buy Real Estate

Have you been considering buying a home, but have been on the fence about it, unable to commit to buying? It just may be time for you get down off that fence and make a move. Yes, the real estate market has its ups and downs, its inevitable cycles. But the cycle seems to have…

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Buying A House? Demand These 3 Things From Your Agent

Buying A House

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Albuquerque, and if you’re going to buy one with the help of an agent, make sure you get the service you need. Read this blog post for information about buying a house? Demand these 3 things from your agent in Albuquerque… If you’re planning to buy a…

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To Rent or Sell Your Vacant Albuquerque Home

Have you ever thought about whether it would be better to rent or sell a vacant home that you own? Maybe you already have someone renting this house, or you have been considering renting it to tenants, but would that really be the better choice? Deciding whether or not to sell or rent your vacant…

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