25 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies That Work!

25 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That WorkI recommend the book “25 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies That Work” for anyone who wants to learn more about how to create more leads for their real estate business.

In his book, Greg Reed highlights 25 “Must Have” strategies for real estate agents to sell more real estate. While I have used a good number of his strategies in my real estate business I can’t say that I have used them all but that’s ok because this is a great list to start developing your lead generation strategies.

Too often people decide to become a real estate agent but with no real plan on how to generate leads. You don’t need to use all 25 of Greg strategies, and when you first get started you may find that you want to pick the three that most fit your style. After you have those in place you would want to add only one or two more at a time. Overtime you could have a dozen effective lead generation strategies working well for you.

One idea that Greg makes very clear is the idea that real estate agents are in the business of lead generation above all else, that includes the business of selling real estate. The real estate industry is full of people not knowing what the business is really about.

“What type of business are you in?”

He adds that to be successful in real estate you must become a lead generating machine! A real estate lead generation Jedi!

Greg has a great website that I follow and get a ton of marketing ideas from that I employ in my business at: www.magneticrealestateagent.com.

P. S. Click on the link below to get a copy of Greg Reed’s book 25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work. Go to: www.robbkrautbauer.com/GR

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