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Have any of you old timers out there like me noticed that nobody talks to anyone anymore. Back in the day before the internet and texting when you wanted to find a buyer or a seller you actually had to speak to them. In today’s world pretty much every Guru or mentoring course out there has their students electronically driving their business. Their students wonder why they can’t get any deals. The worst part is the Gurus never speak to their students but move them along by emails and webinars. The assembly line is for cars not people.

What ever happened to mentoring people individually?

My real estate career started back in the day of telephone booths (you know the place Superman got into his suit) and newspaper ads (that’s right we actually had to hold paper in our hands). My coach actually spoke to me over one of those contraptions we now call land lines. Back in the day the real estate business was personal and as I look around today all I see is assembly lines.

As a mentor I understand everyone is in a hurry today but I prefer to coach my students one on one verbally rather than electronically. Rather than send them a script and hope for the best I let them listen to me do my thing and cut their learning curve drastically. Students must learn how to talk to sellers in order to address the problem that the seller needs to cure. In order to separate the suspects from the prospects you actually have to carry on a conversation and dig for the real motivation behind the sale.

I agree that the internet allows the modern day investor to gather information quickly but eventually someone has to talk to someone. In my opinion a good mentor has to interact with his students and teach them the art of conversation. A student needs to know how to ask the right questions at the right time and build a trusting relationship within minutes because if he can’t there’s another “I Buy Houses” Website just a click away.

One on one real estate mentoring.

Now don’t get me wrong I like and use a lot of the new technology out there like Skype for example. This is a great way to coach a student without being in the same room and to interact both verbally as well as visually. Yes I have a website and it works well for me but too many of today’s new investors want the internet to handle every aspect of the deal and that doesn’t work.

Here’s the deal people. If you are looking for one on one real estate mentoring to get you where you want to go whether it’s your first deal or breaking out to a new level, that’s what I have to offer. I can help you with the Ugly House Business (Wholesaling) as well as my specialty The Pretty House Business (Lease Options, etc). In addition you will not suffer from sticker shock in order to work with me.

Rather than clobber you with an up front fee that will take the food out of your family’s mouth for a month I have worked out a scenario that you can’t refuse. We will agree to JV the first 5 deals that we do together so that you get to earn while you learn and I get paid for my services at the same time.

It’s called win- win for both of us.

If you are considering adding lease options to your tool kit you can get further information on my Earn While You Learn Lease Option Mentoring Program by calling me at 505-404-1131.

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