Invest In Private Lending Mortgage Pool

Private Lending Mortgage Pool

Have you ever…or do you know someone…who’s tried to get a loan for an investment property from Wells Fargo, Chase, or your local community bank?

If you know anything about banks, they don’t loan on investment properties…unless you’ve got 35%-50% to put down.

Which is EXACTLY why owners, operators, contractors, and borrowers pay a PREMIUM to Private Lenders for the privilege of borrowing hard money.

Watch this exclusive short video to see how you’re in the driver’s seat when you invest in a private lending mortgage pool:

There are 3 Big Reasons Why

Private Money Yields High Returns

1. Underwriting guideless are WAY less invasive than banks
2. Quick and easy access to cash
3. Can loan to no cash, no credit operators who pay for the privilege to borrow

With private money readily available, borrowers and operators have the luxury of closing their deals FAST…

And giving the finger to the banks.

Which is why they’ll pay a premium in interest to tap your fund.

PS: This video is the second in a series of 6 videos where I take you step by step through the Private Money Fund Investing System. You’re getting the EXACT same information and content the big boys on Wall Street use to raise private capital.

So watch for the next post for the next video in the series.

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Robb Krautbauer

Owner and CEO of Mountatin View Investors, Inc. Robb has executed over 75 commercial real estate deals since 2011. In this time, he has raised over $3mm, with a transaction volume of over $40mm.

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