Lease Options Are A Wholesalers Dream Machine

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If you thought that Lease Options were just for controlling properties you are sadly mistaken. In case you didn’t know it you can wholesale pretty houses with lease options and expand your market ten fold. As wholesalers we have to deal with ugly houses that have an ARV large enough so that enough equity can be in them to make the magic formula we all use work out. If it’s not there then we get to throw the deal out and look for another one.

Using lease options allows you to work with pretty houses that have no equity, little equity or even negative equity. That’s right I said negative equity. The last two houses I wholesaled were upside down lease options and after putting them under contract with the owners I assigned the contracts within 35 days.

Now here’s the part you’re really gonna like

I never saw the houses, never met the owners face to face, never personally showed the houses, never met the tenant/buyers face to face and never touched the houses. Everything was done through email and by phone with the exception of the tenant/buyers sending the checks by snail mail. It’s like that orange juice commercial with Donald Sutherlands voice “Simply Un-Fooled Around With.”

To sweeten the pie as long as you have a computer and a phone you can do these nationwide so if your local market isn’t doing it for you all you have to do is pick a city, any city (except in Texas) and you’re back in business. How’s that for an unlimited market? If you add the millions of motivated sellers with properties with little, no or negative equity to the equation you have the perfect storm.

If you want to get in on this amazing niche I can help you

I’ve been working with lease options for a number years and have wholesaled a whole bunch of pretty houses and this is the best market I’ve seen since I started working with them. I’ve put together a very special mentoring program that I call The Earn While You Learn Lease Option Mentoring Program. Simply put in my program there is no up front mentoring fee sticker shock as a matter of fact there is no up front mentoring fee. We agree to joint venture a minimum of 5 deals together that I walk you through and split the profits 50/50. You get paid to learn and I have to earn my fee.

It’s called a win-win mentoring program

If you are considering adding lease options to your tool kit you can get further information on my Earn While You Learn Lease Option Mentoring Program by calling me at 505-404-1131.

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