Prospecting And Lead Generation

Prospecting and Lead Generation

I create automatic client referral generating systems for realtors, wholesalers, contractors and loan agents in the greater Albuquerque metro area. Referrers – FREE video go to

Our network connects home owners who can benefit from renovating their homes before they sell them with investors who pay for the required work. When the home sells the owner and investor share the extra profit. It’s a WIN/WIN. . . Home Owners – FREE video go to

Investor funds will always be title insured and secured by the properties that often have very substantial equity, which gives our investors great peace of mind. We think you’ll find that our high equity renovation funding deals can be MUCH safer than the vast majority of real estate investments.
Investors – FREE video go to

Investments typically range from $35,000 on the low side to up to $400,000 on the high side, and joint venture opportunities arise in all United States markets. You can invest IRA funds (we’ll refer you to a custodian who will guide you through the relatively simple process) and you can invest virtually any other funds that you have set aside for investing.

First step? Watch our video that explains how our program benefits Investors. If you want to see some live deals then go ahead and register at the site and we’ll send you a welcome email.

Investors – FREE video go to:

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Robb Krautbauer

Owner and CEO of Mountatin View Investors, Inc. Robb has executed over 75 commercial real estate deals since 2011. In this time, he has raised over $3mm, with a transaction volume of over $40mm.

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