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Quit Walking Away From Commissions!

  • You have listings you can’t take
  • Listing expiring unsold
  • Seller stuck on price
  • Buyer (or properties) that don’t qualify
  • A transaction falling apart

Become an Owner Financing Expert, or know when to hire one. You most likely have several ideas in your head about owner financing: it’s risky, my seller won’t be able to get cash, and it’s hard for me to get paid!

Even if you know a lot about owner financing…

If you don’t regularly buy and sell notes, then you don’t know how to create a note that’s worth maximum value on the secondary market, because things are changing all the time. What worked last year doesn’t work this year, and that could cost your client thousands $$$.

When a seller offers terms, they can still walk away with cash…

If I’m involved in the underwriting process, I can sometimes buy the notes created immediately. There are many ways to use notes and private money to meet client objectives. Banks have whole underwriting departments… when your client is the bank on their own property: they need to hire a personal underwriter… that’s me.

Some Realtors are making seller financing their primary niche. They routinely profit from buyers that other agents don’t know how to work with. If you have past clients that carried paper on the sale of a property or business, (or clients that are in the process of offering owner financing right now)… lets talk.

Chances are your client may not even know they have the option to sell their note, and in this economy people are looking for cash everywhere they can find it.

If you have past clients that have carried paper, call them and ask them if they know they can sell their note to raise cash if they need to. It’s an excuse to let them know you’re still in business.

Help Your Clients Receive Tier One Level Pricing For Their Owner Financed Notes

Download Our Note Holder’s Handbook

Get your ABSOLUTELY FREE copy of “The Note Holder’s Handbook” How To Structure Your Seller Carry Back Notes.. and help your clients avoid all the costly mistakes most sellers make when choosing to sell with owner financing. 

If your client is tired of receiving low ball offers on their notes, maybe it’s time to look at ways we can help your clients create notes rated as tier one paper, the highest rating in the secondary note market.

Wondering just how much the owner financed note you helped your client just created is worth? Maybe they want the freedom from collecting payments for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years? They may even want to sell part of their owner financed note?

Get A Cash Offer On Your Clients Private Mortgage Note In 24 Hours Or Less

Is your client looking to sell all or part of their note payments? We will buy their note for the highest possible cash price today… No hassles. No obligation. We help them get the cash locked with inside their note!

“… private mortgage notes can be sold and thus converted into cash. The amount they sell for is based on the principal balance, the number of payments that have been made, the number of remaining payments, the home’s appraised value and the borrower’s creditworthiness.” The Washing Post

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