Need A More Sophisticated Approach to Wealth Building?

Wealth Building

SB REI TeamA more sophisticated approach to wealth building: Real Estate Investing Done for You… wealth building through the smart acquisition of rental homes.

  • Together with Strongbrook, our mission is to help our clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth. Our complete wealth blueprint demonstrates how to secure and enjoy investment and retirement income that you control, and allows you to:
  • Generate income to acquire the assets necessary to invest in real estate.
  • Manage your money with potentially tax-free growth.
  • Know when to buy, sell and transition to other markets.
  • Create reliable income that you can depend on for your retirement.
  • Protect your assets with LLCs and customized estate plans.
  • Leverage specialized insurance policies to maximize financial gains and protection.
  • Reallocate assets into the most effective real estate markets to match your priorities – maximum equity growth, maximum monthly cash flow, or both.

Done for You Real Estate

The foundation of Strongbrook’s initial growth lies in the field of real estate investment. The story begins with Strongbrook REIC, a six-year-old real estate investment services company that is now a subsidiary of The Strongbrook Group.

In launching and building this operation, the executive team has demonstrated an unparalleled mastery of building wealth through the smart acquisition of rental homes. In literally hundreds of transactions, they have demonstrated a consistent level of profitable performance for their clients.

Strongbrook’s secret is their Strait Path™ system: a step-by-step plan to create financial freedom for anyone in 10 years or less. Methodically selecting the very best components of all the possible real estate strategies available today, they have constructed a formula for proven investment results.

Just as important, they have recruited the highest caliber of professional talent to implement their programs, bringing all the essentials under one roof — real estate acquisition, mortgage financing and property management.

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About The Author

Robb Krautbauer

Owner and CEO of Mountatin View Investors, Inc. Robb has executed over 75 commercial real estate deals since 2011. In this time, he has raised over $3mm, with a transaction volume of over $40mm.

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