How To Start Your Own Private Bank In New Mexico

Your Own Private Bank In New Mexico

As a private money lender, YOU are, in essence, your own private bank.

With interest rates hovering near ZERO, investors are looking for vehicles to park their capital for stronger and higher returns.

Here’s a for instance…

To achieve your first million in investing with a retirement account, you’d have to find a 401K that delivers 10% interest while stuffing your account with $5000 a month for 10 years!

Real estate offers a MUCH more lucrative alternative. See for yourself right here:

Now, here’s something you may not know…

You DO NOT need your own cash…or credit…start your own

Private Hard Money Fund

Yes, really!

All you need are some very simple financial and management tools to get you up and running instantly.

This video reveals the opportunity that most people miss.

PS: This video is the second in a series of 6 videos where I take you step by step through the Private Money Fund Investing System. You’re getting the EXACT same information and content the big boys on Wall Street use to raise private capital.

So watch for the next post for the next video in the series.

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Robb Krautbauer

Owner and CEO of Mountatin View Investors, Inc. Robb has executed over 75 commercial real estate deals since 2011. In this time, he has raised over $3mm, with a transaction volume of over $40mm.

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