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Download the book “The Private Lender’s Handbook”  to start investing as a Hard Money Lender for residential real estate

The most important thing to look for when figuring out what to look for in hard money lenders in New Mexico is alignment. Different hard money lenders are motivated and guided by different things: some might want a highly profitable loan: others might want to help certain demographic of investors: others might prefer to lend only to certain kinds of asset classes.

It’s all good – but you just need to find a hard money lender who is aligned with your goals and deal types. When you find that lender, you’ll discover that it’s so much easier to work with them (than with someone who is not aligned with your goals).

Get Your ABSOLUTELY FREE Copy of “The Private Lender’s Handbook”… and Avoid All the Costly Mistakes Most Investors Make When Choosing a Hard Money Fund To Invest In

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Owner and CEO of Mountatin View Investors, Inc. Robb has executed over 75 commercial real estate deals since 2011. In this time, he has raised over $3mm, with a transaction volume of over $40mm.

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