The Real Estate Investing Lifecycle

Real Estate Investing LifecycleThe Real Estate Investing Lifecycle 

New real estate investors often ask me how they can be sure they are doing the right activities and are taking the right steps that will ensure they become successful and profitable as investors.

To answer these questions and to give them a step-by-step method to employ, I decided to share a template I use for my business created by Greg Clement, the CEO at Realeflow. He calls it “The Real Estate Investing Lifecycle. The 11 steps needed to successfully complete a real estate investing transaction”.

Unfortunately most full time professional real estate investors will spend countless hours each week doing almost meaningless non-revenue producing activities. This is normal, but it does not need to be the norm for you.

The hours you spend focused on “The Real Estate Investing Lifecycle” are considered revenue producing activities and will yield much greater results.

Make sure to always focus your time on one of the 11 steps of the real estate investing lifecycle.

  1. Generate Seller Leads – Create front-end marketing funnels to attract motivated sellers.
  2. Prequalify Seller Leads – Gather information from seller or listing agent to prequalify lead, pull comparable sales and start desktop evaluation.
  3. Inspect Property – Inspect property and estimate repairs needed; Analyze location and rehab requirements.
  4. Estimate Profit – Analyze potential profit using different buy/sell scenarios.
  5. Negotiate Offer – Make offer to the seller or listing agent and sign contracts.
  6. Arrange Funding – Arrange funding for the deal and open escrow.
  7. Purchase Property – Close escrow with title company/attorney and take ownership of property.
  8. Rehab Property – Manage rehab process on the property.
  9. Generate Buyer Leads – Create back-end marketing funnels to attract buyers.
  10. Negotiate Sale or Lease – Negotiate offers with buyers/renters and sign contracts.
  11. Close On Property – Open and close escrow with title company/attorney.

Completing All These Steps Will Ensure Success!

There are six basic real estate investing lifecycle models most real estate investors use to produce the end result they are looking to achieve. I have used five of these models in my 50+ real estate transactions over the last four years.

The smart real estate investor knows which model not only suites them best but what will produce the best results for the given property and market they are investing in.

The BIG Six Real Estate Investing Lifecycle Models

  1. Rehab
  2. Wholesale
  3. Short Sale
  4. Buy & Hold
  5. Lease Option
  6. Seller Financed

Half of these real estate investing lifecycle models will use all 11 of the above steps, the other half will use most but not all 11 steps.

Click here to view a video from Greg Clement at Realeflow as he explains and walks though each of the 11 steps of the real estate Investing lifecycle.

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